ICOAS 2018

6th International Conference on Organic Agriculture Sciences

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ICOAS 2018 will be opened by the Scientific Conference held 7 – 8 November. There the latest research results in organic agriculture sciences and their practical implications will be explored. The Scientific Conference is an open forum for researchers to present and exchange their latest research results in diverse research areas such as socio-economic challenges, organic production or innovations in organic agriculture.

Building on the scientific exchange the Organic Policy Summit on 9 November will focus on how to translate scientific results into futureproof policies. The Summit is a platform for discussion about current topics in European agriculture policies involving national and European politicians a well as other important political actors. Existing differences and similarities in the development of organic agriculture across Central and Eastern European countries should be explored and explanations and potential improvements identified. Further, the role organic agriculture can take in promoting regional development should be discussed.

Field trips to selected local producers and projects, giving insight into best practice examples, will complement the Scientific Conference and Organic Policy Summit.

In addition, the interesting social program offers the opportunity for exchange of views in a familiar atmosphere.

On the following pages you will find more about ICOAS mission, the background of the conference as well as the organizers.