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Photo Credit

Headerphoto: (c) Andreas Tischler

Esterházy Palace: (c) Andreas Tischler

Haydnsaal: (c) Paul Szimak

Hall of mirrors: (c) Andreas Tischler

Inner yard: (c) Paul Szimak

Kalandahaus: (c) Paul Szimak

Vineyard Esterházy: (c) Andreas Hafenscher

Sunflowers: (c) Cornelia Gobauer

Grape harvest: (c) Ezy Krea

Cattle: (c) Andreas Tischler

Vineyard: (c) Andreas Hafenscher

Event photos by Lisa Schulcz, Roland Schuller and Anja Eichinger

All photos listed above  have been kindly provided by Esterhazy Betriebe GmbH.


Elisabeth Köstinger: (c) Paul Gruber

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