ICOAS 2018

9 November: Organic Policy Summit

On 9 November Esterházy Palace will become the centre of political discussions on organic agriculture. The Organic Policy Summit, provides organic stakeholders and policy makers with a platform for open discussion. The aim of the Summit is to link key figures from research, politics, farming associations, trade and other interest groups to identify the role the field of organic agriculture and food production should assume within EU and national agricultural policies.

As for the rest of ICOAS, the Organic Policy Summit will focus on fostering the relation between Central and East European Countries.

Relevant questions in the discussions of the Organic Policy Summit are e.g. the development of production of and markets for organic products in and across the various Central and East European Countries. In light of the current trend towards more regional products, a trend mainly occurring in Central Europe, different national market development strategies (e.g. export-orientation vs. production for the domestic market) and their impacts on the agricultural system should be discussed. There also the role organic agriculture can take in promoting regional development should be explored.

Moreover, the Organic Policy Summit should shed light on the question where and what research activities on organic agriculture sciences are conducted in Central and Eastern Europe. Thereby possible deficits and viable solutions to these deficits should be identified. Possible ways to create synergies across countries should be explored to further strengthen the organic sector.

Attendance at the Policy Summit is free of charge. However, registration is required. Please click here for the registration.

More information about the preliminary programme will follow soon.